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Victoria Kazakova

UI/UX Designer
Frontend Developer

About me

My name is Victoria and i live in Baku city. I graduated from Moscow State Univercity at 2020. I started creating sites from Tilda and Webflow constructors. Then I got my hand in HTML, CSS, Javascript and SCSS preprocessor. I worked with the Gulp assembler, then decided to use something more modern and convenient. So I switched to using Vue and Nuxt3 in my work. In 2023, I decided to master web design and now I can create a prototype and website design myself.

What I can offer you:

  • 1 / 4
    • an interview with you (orally, in writing) to draw up technical specifications, competitor analysis
    • site prototype and layout preparation in Figma
    • logo and favicon development
    • content prepare — photos (from stock or neural networks) and writing texts
  • 1 / 4
    • making a website with HTML, CSS (or SASS) and Javascript
    • connecting animations
    • making adaptation of websites for various devices
    • building layouts on Tilda using Zero blocks (i work also with Flexbe and Tinkoff constructors);
    • building a website using Wordpress themes and Elementor constructor
  • 1 / 4
    • development of an admin panel for content management
    • writing the main meta tags (title, description, h1) and adding the site to the results of Google and Yandex browsers;
    • landing a website on CMS Wordpress, creating an online store using WooCommerce
  • 1 / 4
    • site transfer to hosting, domain connection
    • primary SEO optimization
    • connecting statistics collection — Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics
    • website development and problem solving.



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  • {vue, nuxt3}

  • {git}

gulp, wordpress, photoshop, php, sass, tilda, figma, b2 english

Reviews from my clients

  • Vladimir, target manager (Moldova)https://tanyamin.tilda.ws/business-goals
    We needed to make a landing page to launch an online course. We wanted to make it on Tilda, because we have some experience with this website builder. It was also important to do everything quickly, because the deadline for launching the course was running out.

    We looked at several candidates. What I liked about Victoria's proposal was the well-designed portfolio, the quality of the works in the portfolio, the quick response to our request, and the affordable cost of completing the work. Victoria completed our project very quickly, even faster than we agreed (let me remind you that deadlines were very important to us), for this she has an extra "thank you"

    As a result, we received a clean, beautiful, neat, modern website. I liked that Victoria approaches her work very responsibly and cares about the project as if it were her own. We were very pleased with the result. Compared to our old site, it’s like heaven and earth). Vika, thank you very much for the work done!
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  • Alexander, businessman (Russia)https://agrohim-ug-93.ru
    My web store stopped working and my goods were not showing up in Google and Yandex searches. I started looking for a specialist among my contacts who could solve my problem. A market analyst friend recommended Victoria to me as an honest and efficient performer.

    I turned to Victoria, she took on the job of setting up the online shop. She not only returned the goods to the Yandex and Google search engines, corrected errors, but also improved the design of the site to make it more neat and convenient. She also added my store’s accounts to Google and Yandex maps and set up order notifications from the site on Telegram.

    I was very pleased with Victoria's work. Prices are also reasonable. I recommend Victoria to everyone, and will continue to recommend her as a website specialist. Thank you, Victoria..
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  • Svetlana, expert (Russia)https://expert-pakhtusova.tb.ru
    Vika, good evening! I just started writing to you, thank you so much for your involvement and support, I couldn’t have done it without your persistence and help! Thanks a lot. Now for websites - only to you ❤️

    Review as agreed. I turned to Victoria for help in creating my website on Tinkoff. I found her through an ad in one of the freelance chats on Telegram. It was very difficult to transfer access to her, but Victoria did not give up and actively resolved this issue with support and helped me. She selected nice colors as I asked, retouched some photos, and made beautiful covers for the product.

    Most importantly, she connected payment to the site and the ability to pay in installments. Victoria did everything quite quickly, reminding me of what documents or requests I should send to Tinkoff to connect the payment. The site turned out beautiful, modern, everything works. Thank you!
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  • Rauf, businessman (Azerbaijan)https://www.deramacafe.az
    Victoria herself wrote to me offering her services in developing a website for my cafe. At that time I was just thinking that I needed a website, so her service would come in handy. I agreed because I was satisfied with the prices and terms. I wanted the site to reflect the values ​​of vegetarianism, with an easy-to-use menu and a booking button. Victoria made a beautiful, user-friendly website that loads quickly, as well as an admin panel for publishing blog articles. I liked the design, nice colors, associating with nature.

    At the beginning of our work, I didn’t even know that it would be possible to find my website by searching for 'vegetarian cafe Baku' and similar queries in Google and Yandex. Victoria explained that she could implement this too. As a result, the number of visitors increased. I was pleased with the work done.
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